6' x 4'  Oil paint on canvas.


by todd clercx



Artist Statement--

I often paint people and landscapes. I'm interested in people, especially faces and how light captures a place or dictates a person's facets of flesh. Painting and/or making art has always been a basic need since childhood. I want to record the emotions of people and places that I know well. Most, if not all, of my work is based off that desire. I have a strong relationship with these subjects, and each painting has its own journey that I must be aware of. Knowing when to stop working on a piece is by far the hardest mental wrestling match around. Listening to my gut feelings and trusting my instincts have taken decades to learn and appreciate. I treat my art as I do an important relationship--I don't cheat on it, I'm honest to it, and I love it passionately.


Price: $8,000.00