Todd Clercx

Todd ClercxArtist, Painter, Teacher

Born and raised in St. Paul, MN, Todd Clercx uses the world around him as his subject matter.  As he says, “I use paint to record my life and the people around me.  My works are bits and moments of life that would most likely be forgotten.”  In his portraits and landscapes, Todd captures moods and emotions by using crude brush strokes as evidence of the creative process and paying close attention to light and shadows.  He relies on spontaneous-intuitive gesture and a gut feeling about when to stop.  Capturing the essence of a person or place is the goal, and honesty is essential.  Todd’s paintings celebrate the life he lives as an artist, a father, a husband, a son, a brother, a teacher, and a human being striving to be good.

Todd’s art has been the centerpiece of gallery shows nationally; his commissions hang in businesses and homes throughout the Midwest.  He is a sought-after art judge and critic, and he has sold his work in auctions for a variety of charities.  Locally, his art has been featured in the press and community events.  Todd has been an art instructor for over 20 years, currently teaching in the same classroom his dad (also a professional artist) taught him how to paint in at Roseville Senior High School

In addition to working in the visual arts, Todd is a vintage car enthusiast and skilled mechanic who maintains several classic vehicles.  He and his family currently live on a small ranch in Wyoming, MN (a quaint community just north of the Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul), and he uses his barn as his studio.  Please call to make an appointment and stop by for a visit. 651-308-4721


Todd Clercx, Wyoming, MN painter, artist, and teacherArtist Statement

I often paint people and landscapes and classic cars. Painting and/or making art has always been a basic need since childhood. I want to record the emotions of people and places that I know well. Most, if not all, of my work is based off that desire. I have a strong relationship with these subjects, and each painting has its own journey that I must be aware of. Knowing when to stop working on a piece is by far the hardest mental wrestling match around. Listening to my gut feelings and trusting my instincts have taken decades to learn and appreciate. I treat my art as I do an important relationship--I don't cheat on it, I'm honest to it, and I love it passionately.

- Todd Clercx